Making Cossak Kubanka

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Making Cossak Kubanka

Message  Invité le Ven 23 Oct - 4:16

Recently did a Cossak Kubanka for someone who need.
I carved a column shape from my spare Balsa wood as mold; Cut a piece of fluff and red fabric then cut into circle, stitching 0.3mm tape x 2 cross on the red circle fabric as top. Apply twin adhesive on 1/2 of inner fluff side that make the fluff shape stiff look. Trim the fluff to shape, then stitch down the back by hand.

Cut a 3cm diameter thick paper place on top of the red top, then following the thick cycle paper stitching between fluff and red top. Turn over when stitch has done that it shows the complete Cossak Kubanka.


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Re: Making Cossak Kubanka

Message  fog le Ven 23 Oct - 8:01

Thank you, it's seem so easy...
I want to do one, just for the fun.... affraid

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